With over 50 doggy years of experience, Scarlet is a vital part of our company and oversee's the areas of barn security and employee morale.

Although I have the knowledge, experience, and equipment to complete full-scale renovations and projects, my work has become more focused on smaller jobs that involve both on-site renovation and shop work.  Examples of such work would be a full kitchen renovation with custom cabinets, a bathroom renovation with custom vanity and linen cabinet, custom built-ins, and other custom woodworking projects around the home.  If it is made out of wood, we can make it according to your specific needs.

With our fully outfitted workshop, we can handle almost any woodworking project large or small. By combining traditional woodworking disciplines with modern technology and equipment, we are able to build custom or truly one of a kind pieces for the best value. Our barn workshop has been set up and organized in a way to streamline the production process from the time we receive rough cut lumber from the mill to the finishing table. 



One of the things that makes us very different from other companies is our mobile workshop. Over the last several years we have built out a fully operational workshop on wheels to make our presence at your home more efficient and less noticeable. Having the ability to drive our workshop to and from the job site every day means that we save time setting up and closing down for the day which in turn saves you money!
Let’s face it, having workers in your house tearing what is probably your biggest investment apart can be unnerving.  We understand this and make every effort to have the disruption as minimal as possible. We also use things such as zip walls to isolate work areas, floor protection, dust collectors, vacuums with certified HEPA filtration, to keep the work area clean and habitable throughout the process. 
Carrying on the tradition of craftsmanship in my family, my passion for construction started over 20 years ago when I had the opportunity for my first apprenticeship. Taking a break from the trades to acquire a bachelor’s degree in engineering, I graduated with honors and briefly became a design engineer.  However, I was quick to realize I had already found my calling as a craftsman.  Since 2005, I have been serving the greater Boston area under the business name Mike Black Builder. In 2016, I renamed my business to Black Barn Custom Carpentry to better reflect the niche that suits my talents.  Over the span of my career, I have become well versed in all facets of residential construction.  Over time, I became more interested in projects which required an increasingly more refined level of craftsmanship.  Ultimately, this lead to assembling a fully outfitted woodworking shop as well as an arsenal of customized trucks, trailers, and specialty onsite tools;  this provides me with the ability to harness my skills and work efficiently on and off-site for projects of all sizes.



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