Home renovations and remodeling are common parts of home ownership and a frequent part of our business. Renovation jobs can range from something small, such as a bathroom remodel, to something larger such as a second-floor addition. 


There are 3 important things to keep in mind when thinking about a renovation to your home. 


1. Cost to value -- According to the 2014 National Averages, the cost recouped on projects is on the rise, meaning that you get more bang for your buck if and when you decide to sell your new and improved home. Depending on the type of project, you can expect to recoup roughly 60-80% of your investment or more!


2. Quality and cost of materials  

Ever heard the saying, when you cheap out in the beginning you end up spending double in the end? Well, it's true. Nothing can be more costly and frustrating than using the wrong materials. We understand this and believe in using the best possible materials for your budget and not cutting corners at the lumber yard to put more money in our pockets. Because of our advanced CAD software we are able to reduce the cost of materials by knowing before we cut, exactly what we need. 


3. General Contractor

There are unfortunately countless stories from people who used the wrong general contractor to renovate or remodel their home. Cut corners, poor work quality, inaccurate measurements... the list of potential nightmares can go on and on so it is crucial that you invest your time and money with someone who has the experience and discipline to do the job right. We encourage you to visit our testimonials page to read the response from our happy customers 



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