Not all carpenters are woodworkers, not all woodworkers are carpenters.


Woodworking requires a different skill set and equipment from traditional carpentry. Thanks to our full-scale workshop and the equipment inside, we are able to build truly one of a kind pieces. Woodworking is more than simply cutting and nailing boards, it is an art form that requires precision and patience.


There is a variety of applications within the world of woodworking. Some old, some new. We like to employ a mix of both, using old and new techniques and equipment in order to produce the best quality product. An example of this would be to design your project using modern CAD drawing technology and then use our state of the art CNC machine to precisely cut each dimension. However, when it comes to putting it all together, traditional clamps, glue, and hand sanding are timeless techniques that require the human hand.  


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